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Phase 2 Water Improvements Update

SCWSA has been delayed in getting the Phase 2 project to construction.  With the great freeze the past January in Texas, it created a major disruption in pipe prices.  Overnight, the cost of waterlines increased by 30%.  With updated numbers, SCWSA re-evaluated its cost estimate and found that SCWSA needed additional funding to ensure the project was fully funded.  This required requesting an additional $3 Million from USDA Rural Development.  That required 6 months of time preparing updated cost estimates, financial projections and working with our state office to advocate on behalf of SCWSA to receive the funding from Washington DC.  On September 27th, received this additional obligation for $3 Million.  SCWSA appreciates everyone’s patience.  SCWSA hopes to finalize the legal aspects of the project and bid the project early next year.