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Phase 2 Water Improvements Update

A lot has happened at SCWSA and the Nation since my last post.  I will quickly summarize some of the larger items in this update.  SCWSA was approved acquire the Perry Water System from the Public Service Commission.  SCWSA and AAA Utilities are working on compiling the documents to close on the agreement.

SCWSA completed design plans are now under review by numerous agencies. SCWSA’s Engineer has submitted Construction Permits to SCDHEC and they have responded to review comments by SCDHEC.  SCWSA has also submitted a SCDOT Encroachment Permit Application.  At the same time, SCWSA is working through its Letter of Conditions with its funding agency Rural Development.

During the design Phase, SCWSA has had to revisit the location of the crossing Lake Murray due to the new development since the preliminary route.  This has entailed many complications, but a new lake crossing has been identified and property acquisition is moving forward.

SCWSA has had an interesting time identifying the contact for the Tank Site’s property owner which is a national timber company.  After a few weeks and following multiple leads, SCWSA has been in contact with the owner’s representative.  We are moving forward with preparing an appraisal for acquiring the property.

SCWSA has also met with and reached a verbal agreement to acquire the property for a booster pump station on Highway 39.  SCWSA is moving forward with preparing the necessary paperwork to finalize the transaction.

SCWSA has been in discussions the Dominion Energy about crossing Lake Murray to get to Acapulco’s future Customers.  The discussions have been favorable and national permitting requirements have been favorable.  In addition, SCWSA has submitted a permit with the Army Corps of Engineers to place the waterline on the bottom of Lake Murray to Acapulco.  However, on April 15, a federal court in Montana ordered the Corps to stop using Nationwide Permit 12 until certain legal issues can be resolved. This places SCWSA’s action under Lake Murray on hold until the Corps are given further guidance.

The Phase 2 project also involves providing water to other water providers in the Western Midlands Region.  SCWSA is working earnestly to not just help to provide good water to its customers but to the entire region.

With that said, SCWSA is moving closer to advertising for bids for the Phase 2 project.  Again, SCWSA thanks all of you for your patience!  SCWSA is diligently working to get this project to construction.