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NEW - Telephone Payments

SCWSA is proud to notify our customers of a new feature to our services. Customers may now make payments via telephone 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Beginning August 3, 2016, when customers call our office at (864) 445-9572, they will get a message to select option 1 if they wish to make a payment.
In order for this service to work correctly, our customers must know their account numbers (without the preceding 01-0000) and they must ensure that SCWSA has their current phone number on file. In order to verify this information, our customers may select option 0 on our main menu, during normal office hours, to have our customer service staff assist them with this information.
This new system is an added protection for our customers as well as a more convenient way to pay. This method keeps the customers debit or credit card information in the hands of the customer in order to deter identity theft and/or credit card fraud. Our customer service staff will no longer be able to take your information over the phone.
As stated above, this system is available 24/7 and it is a same day transaction. No more waiting for mail to reach us or transactions to clear.
We hope you enjoy our new service!